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  • Where I'll be...

    March 15-18: Scrap Etc event, Alabama

    April 16-May 13: Asia

    April 21: All day workshops, The Velvet Cat, Singapore

    May 19-23: National Stationery Show, New York

    May 25-27: Pick of the Patch Retreat, Vancouver

    June 7-9: GASC Arlington, TX

    July 7: Alison & Gary's wedding shoot, Victoria

    July 19-22: CHA Summer, Chicago

    July 23-25: Playtime in Chicago/Michigan!

    July 25-28: GASC Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Sept 5-9: Scrapfest, Edmonton

    Sept 15: Scrapbookin Adventures, Parksville

    October 13: Canada's Crop for Kids, Vancouver

    Nov 1-4: FontWerks Team Inspiration Trip

    Nov 9-11: Scrapgala, New Brunswick

    Nov 17: Making Memories with Scrapbooking, Vancouver BC

    December 7: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia.

    December 8: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    Feb 10-13 2008: CHA, California

    Feb29-Mar 2: CKU-Japan, Tokyo

    Mar 8:

    Mar 9: Scrapaholic! Kijoji City

    Mar 27 -30: SGC Show, MA

    April 12: Photo Express, BC

    April 18-19: CKC-Mesa, AZ

    April 30 - May 12 : Asia

    May: Papier Love, Malaysia

    May 2-3: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    May8: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia

    May 10: Scrapbukan! Philippines

    May 23: Scrapbookin' Adventures, Parksville BC

    Sept: SA Convention, South Africa

    Sept 26-27: Scrapbookin' Adventures, BC

    October 10-13: Paper&Co Show, Paris, France

    Nov 14-15: CKC-Seattle

  • Email me at kah-mei at to arrange classes or workshops.

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Vicki H.

What a wonderful story, and a great lay-out to go with it! Thanks so much for sharing this and giving a glimpse into your life. *This* is why we scrapbook, right? :)

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Wow! Incredible, your grandmother lived 100 years? Your children are so lucky to get the chance to see their great grandmother before she passed.

My prayers are with you for your grandmother.


I had the same feeling whenever I return to Msia to visit my Grandma. I always leave with a heavy heart, fearing that I would never see her again. And whenever I called home, I always asked my Mum how she's doing. Thanks for sharing your story and the wonderful layout. :)

Sasha Farina

such a beautiful and meaningful layout, KM.

Susi (dragonflydreamer)

This layout is beautiful and priceless. Your grandmother was so beautiful and alive and it's amazing that she was 100 years old. It's wonderful that you and your family went to see her and you have the photos and memories of celebrating such a happy event. Thank you for sharing this beautiful layout and the story behind it.

Wati Basri

precious & priceless!!

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such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother...i did the same things with my son, i made sure we flew to a cousins wedding b/c i knew it would be the only time my son would have the change to meet his great grandmother, and i made sure we had a photo taken of all of us...and like you, i was right, it was the only time he met her, and the last time i saw her too...precious moments indeed.


miss you, kah-mei! been using my FW stamps lots lately... hope you're doing well.

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now that's what I call a happy granny ! :) you can see the joy in her eyes !


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