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wow, I'm sorry....I don't know why people are so bitter to each other!!! We still love you:)


love FW and the design team.
hang in there, you are awesome!! :)


I am sorry you received that email...don't give negativity another minute of your time and energy. Fontwerks always has amazing products and the design team is ULTRA talented! Keep up the good work!


What??? That is crazy. Your team does amazing work, and I hope they continue to be given positions of honor.

Wendy Vecchi

How sad! It sounds like some folks are quite jealous of your success. They are not worth your time/energy. Forget them.
Keep up the good work!
Love the new products!


That's awful. It's incredible that people who know nothing always feel the need to speak up.... how does that go - Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth (or in this case keyboard) and confirm it... {or something like that}

Dont' bother with those negative people, they would be upset no matter what you did or said. I think you're team is awesome, your company is awesome and forget those who can't see past their green monster.


Can someone say bitter? Ugh!

I hope you let this brush off you, Kah-Mei. The simple fact is a good company is based on the sum parts of its whole. If you did not have designers who were a strong base for your products who would want to buy them?

And you do. They create art. They challenge us to achieve the same look, feel, imitation. And that is the point right?

I think it's sad someone/someones find it necessary to spend their precious time making assanine assumptions.

Ignorance must be bliss in their world.

Hold your head's up and be proud girls!


Well said.

Laura Craigie

Jealousy at it's worst... :( All someone has to do is meet you, or read this blog to know that you are just not that kind of person!


um, who the heck has the balls to say something like that to you??

as for the underdog, I'll say I am one, and I am so thankful that you gave me a chance to be a Friend of Fontwerks. I am in no way well-known at all, and I realize that you took a chance choosing me, but whether this takes me to bigger and better places or keeps me where I am, I'm grateful either way.

that person is just straight mean.


1. all one has to do is look at the work your team produces and she will recognize why they were chosen - simply, they rock.

2. who cares if they are well-known or not? If they are well-known, then good for you for being a company that a "well-known" artist would want to participate in. If they are not well-known, then so be it, but they have to have talent regardless.

3. only YOU have the right to choose who YOU want for your DT! It's YOUR business! It's YOUR investment and only YOU should be deciding what is in your company's best interest in choosing DT members (or not). You have no obligation to anyone but those who you sell product to and your investors (if you have any other than yourself).

4. that whole give the unknowns a chance is such a lame argument. Why? I for one, know that you have often chosen people who were destined for greatness (you have an uncanny eye for true talent, woman!), but not yet there. But why would anyone expect you to be obligated to do so. Look at someone's talent, do they fit your needs? pick 'em. Easy.

5. I respect your choice to speak out and attempt the clarification, though I think in no way did you that to anyone.

I congratulate you on your ongoing success and wish you all the best in your continued pursuit of great work, great talent, and GREAT PRODUCT!


Good for you Kah-Mei. You can have whoever you want on your team and that should be that. Ignore the nasties :)


The kind of bitter, jealous, negative thoughts behind that email are probably a large part of what's holding that person back from being picked to a design team. I just don't see how anyone can be fresh and creative and have those sorts of bitter thoughts as well. As far as I'm concerned, creativity is rooted in love and joy.

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