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FontWerks Workshops

  • Where I'll be...

    March 15-18: Scrap Etc event, Alabama

    April 16-May 13: Asia

    April 21: All day workshops, The Velvet Cat, Singapore

    May 19-23: National Stationery Show, New York

    May 25-27: Pick of the Patch Retreat, Vancouver

    June 7-9: GASC Arlington, TX

    July 7: Alison & Gary's wedding shoot, Victoria

    July 19-22: CHA Summer, Chicago

    July 23-25: Playtime in Chicago/Michigan!

    July 25-28: GASC Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Sept 5-9: Scrapfest, Edmonton

    Sept 15: Scrapbookin Adventures, Parksville

    October 13: Canada's Crop for Kids, Vancouver

    Nov 1-4: FontWerks Team Inspiration Trip

    Nov 9-11: Scrapgala, New Brunswick

    Nov 17: Making Memories with Scrapbooking, Vancouver BC

    December 7: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia.

    December 8: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    Feb 10-13 2008: CHA, California

    Feb29-Mar 2: CKU-Japan, Tokyo

    Mar 8:

    Mar 9: Scrapaholic! Kijoji City

    Mar 27 -30: SGC Show, MA

    April 12: Photo Express, BC

    April 18-19: CKC-Mesa, AZ

    April 30 - May 12 : Asia

    May: Papier Love, Malaysia

    May 2-3: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    May8: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia

    May 10: Scrapbukan! Philippines

    May 23: Scrapbookin' Adventures, Parksville BC

    Sept: SA Convention, South Africa

    Sept 26-27: Scrapbookin' Adventures, BC

    October 10-13: Paper&Co Show, Paris, France

    Nov 14-15: CKC-Seattle

  • Email me at kah-mei at to arrange classes or workshops.

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Amen to that sister!


Good for you! I am sooo happy for all you have accomplished and so proud of you! (((hugs)))


KMS...I have learned so many lessons from you. This is just the latest. Thanks for being such a wonderful and inspiring person.

Lisa Truesdell

congrats and good luck w/ the new opportunities! =)


I couldn't agree more!!! =) Congratulations on the new happenings! I always look forward to seeing what is next from Fontwerks.


Wonderful words Kah-Mei. Thank you for sharing them.
And Congrats to you on your upcoming opportunities - So deserved!!!


Love to hear karma success stories :) Happy for your happiness!


Always happy to hear of you getting good rewards for your hard work... and incredible talent! :)

Yep, I am pretty much to that place, too.... happy for others and celebrating with them!

Wanda E. Santiago

I am so Happy fo r you beautiful!! Way to go!! Hugs Wanda

holli boyd

i hope you were talking about me :) cause i am so glad we have each other to lean on and i cant imagine not having you in my life for support and a good laugh now and again. here's to a great 2006 for us small rubber stamp manufacturers :) xoxoxo


You deserve all the happiness in the world, KMS. Love you.


Very well said Kah-Mei!! And if anyone deserves some good karma it is you :) You are such a giving person and I am glad to see it coming back your way.

PS - Still loving all those stamps I won in Bellevue!! I keep meaning to make you a thank you card (and I will eventually!) but thanks again!!

Michelle - burberrygirl

Love the products your company produces. Nice to see more Asian in the scrapbooking business. LOL. Hugs



Good for you! I am so glad good things are happening for you and your company. What goes around does come back around. Sending you smiles. Hope all your endeavors are successful!

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