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FontWerks Workshops

  • Where I'll be...

    March 15-18: Scrap Etc event, Alabama

    April 16-May 13: Asia

    April 21: All day workshops, The Velvet Cat, Singapore

    May 19-23: National Stationery Show, New York

    May 25-27: Pick of the Patch Retreat, Vancouver

    June 7-9: GASC Arlington, TX

    July 7: Alison & Gary's wedding shoot, Victoria

    July 19-22: CHA Summer, Chicago

    July 23-25: Playtime in Chicago/Michigan!

    July 25-28: GASC Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Sept 5-9: Scrapfest, Edmonton

    Sept 15: Scrapbookin Adventures, Parksville

    October 13: Canada's Crop for Kids, Vancouver

    Nov 1-4: FontWerks Team Inspiration Trip

    Nov 9-11: Scrapgala, New Brunswick

    Nov 17: Making Memories with Scrapbooking, Vancouver BC

    December 7: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia.

    December 8: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    Feb 10-13 2008: CHA, California

    Feb29-Mar 2: CKU-Japan, Tokyo

    Mar 8:

    Mar 9: Scrapaholic! Kijoji City

    Mar 27 -30: SGC Show, MA

    April 12: Photo Express, BC

    April 18-19: CKC-Mesa, AZ

    April 30 - May 12 : Asia

    May: Papier Love, Malaysia

    May 2-3: Laine's Papeterie, Singapore

    May8: Scrappingville, KL Malaysia

    May 10: Scrapbukan! Philippines

    May 23: Scrapbookin' Adventures, Parksville BC

    Sept: SA Convention, South Africa

    Sept 26-27: Scrapbookin' Adventures, BC

    October 10-13: Paper&Co Show, Paris, France

    Nov 14-15: CKC-Seattle

  • Email me at kah-mei at to arrange classes or workshops.

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Sue in Grapevine

I didn't see which set it's from; but I love the ruler stamp & would presumably love its set-mates.


My favorite is "GOES WITH".
Love it.


I'm really loving the Aeropostale. My son will be traveling to Italy this summer and this would be perfect for his first "out-of-the-country" trip.

Sue in Alexandria VA


Umm I don't know if it is eligible but i think I might break through a wall to get it.. the brick stamp! OMG.. that or "Branching out" which is right on track with trends... I really love them all though!

Brianne sheppard

Heather M.

Wow, what a share! It is a good Monday now! My fav. set so far is the "Goes With"! I LOVE it!


WOW! I love the ruler/measure stamp from the Patterna set...too cool!


The stamps are gorgous, but I'm in love with the Branching Out set :)


Lani M.

I love the "Goes With" stamps. Thanks for all the great sneak peaks.


love love the patterna stamps!
all of them are beautiful.

Cassandra Duberstein

I would say the "Goes with it" set is my fav with branching out running a close second! Can't wait to play with them!!

Sylvia S.

My favorite is the "Goes With" set. So versatile!

Amanda V.

Lovin the "GOes with it" set, but really the branching out is just awesome too! How can we pick just one??!!

So much fun!


I love the Give With collection and the branching out set!! you guys always have the best collections!! so love, can't wait to see it all with more peeks :)


ooohhhh, these are all awesome Kah-Mei!! I love the ruler/measure stamp - so many possibilities with that one and since I have yet to get started on our trip to Disney album, the Aeropostale looks like a perfect fit - love the planes in it!

Trace Geworsky

I am in love with the "Goes with" set
Trace G

Carla Callahan

Wow.... I am loving all your new stamps! as usual.... I think my favorite so far is the "Goes With" set. Looks like it would be very versatile and I LOVE circles! thanks for the opportunity to win something!!

Carla =)


I love the "branching out" set the best. Thanks for sharing!


I *heart* the "Goes With" set...the font...the little sayings...ahhhh...just perfect!!


No doubt about it - fave is the Aeropostale. Love it!


I can't decide!! Right this minute, it's either Patterna or Branching Out. Don't make me narrow it down more than that. ;) I'm loving these sneaks (but my wallet is already dreading the coming weeks, LOL!).

melissa o.

I really like "Goes With." So versatile... :)

Gloria Hsu

i looooove the Aeropostale stamp set! it would work well with my traveling pictures from singapore!! =) actually, ALL the new sets are just awesome. thanks for sharing with us!

Jenn N

I can't say there aren't any I wouldn't love to have but Branching Out has to be my favourite so far. Can't wait to see all of the new collection.
Thanks for the sneak peaks.

Tiffany Massie

Agck... definitely the ruler stamp from Patterna line. it's everything i'm looking for. i would even cuddle up to it on Valentine's day, that's how much i *heart* it!

~Tiff M.

jill s

i'm LOVING the branching out set!
man. good thing my tax return is just around the corner.


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